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Author Guidelines

Oral Session Presentations

The time allocated to each regular oral presentation should be 15 mn. This time includes 5 minutes for questions from the audience.
The time allocated to each short oral presentation should be 10 mn. This time includes 3 minutes for questions from the audience.
PowerPoint or Acrobat PDF slides for presentation on a data projector are recommended for your talk at 2022 IEEE IC.SETIT.

Presentation rooms will be equipped with the following items:

  • A computer running Windows 10, with Office 2016 and Adobe Acrobat Reader..
  • A data/video projector
  • A microphone
  • An audio visual attendant will be available to operate the equipment for you, or to show you how to use it yourself.

We recommend that presenters bring their presentation files (in a format compatible with one of the above applications) stored on a CD-ROM or flash disk. It is strongly recommended to use the PC of the room and not their own PC. All presenters will need to go to the Speakers' Preparation room at least 10mn before their session begins to deliver their presentation that will then be transferred to the room PC by our staff.

We recommend also to use this templete for your presentation: 2022 IEEE IC.SETIT Presentation model

You will be introduced by the Session Chair who will introduce you from the details on your biographical notes including your name, job title, employer's name and the title of your paper.

All speakers should meet their Chair before their session and to familiarize themselves with the AV equipment.


  • If you prefer to present your paper in the Poster Session Presentations please feel free to contact us (
  • If you are not able to attend the conference, please inform us ( as soon as possible to arrange your presentation in Virtual mode.

Poster Session Presentations

Posters will be presented on boards 60 cm in width by 84 cm in height Adhesive will be provided at the conference to mount posters on to the boards.

Authors should be at their sessions 15 minutes before they begin to mount their posters onto the boards.

Poster's design must respect the 2022 IEEE IC.SETIT kit.

For this you need to respect the 2022 IEEE IC.SETIT Poster Model

Virtual Mode Presentation

E-Session (virtual presentation): If you want to present your paper without attending the conference, you can use an E-session. Your work will be presented electronically ( slides and voice) Please upload your presentation through this link: The connection by skype or messenger is needed for the second part of your presention (discussion part) Ps: If you need an advice or more instructions on how to prepare your presentation, please feel free to contact us via our E-mail: